1st September pay ‘uplift’ not enough

The DES has issued Circular 0056/2016, setting out revised pay scales from 1 September 2016.  These contain a miserly €796 partial restoration of the supervision and substitution allowance which was cut from us in September 2013.

INTO leadership, in the Haddington Road Agreement (2013), negotiated this cut – meaning that members have lost €1,769 per year (or €1,592 per year for those who are on the post-2011 payscale) for each of the last 3 years as a result of this cut alone.

In the same talks they managed to secure this partial restoration 3 years later.  At the Lansdowne Road Agreement talks in 2015, INTO leadership secured a commitment that the cut would continue and that we would wait until September 2017 for a further €796 restoration.

In those same LRA talks, INTO leadership negotiated a deal that

  • made no progress towards ending pay inequality for our post-2011 graduates
  • made no progress towards restoring qualification allowances
  • made only tiny steps towards restoring the pay cut from our salaries since 2008, and failed to even set out a plan for their full restoration
  • made no progress towards gaining the pay increases awarded under the ‘Towards 2016’ deal and still outstanding
  • made no progress towards achieving payment of the outstanding Principals’ Benchmarking award
  • made no progress towards ending the pension levy
  • agreed that we would continue to work Croke Park hours for free
  • made no progress towards restoration of Posts of Responsibility

I could go on but you get the picture…

INTO leadership enthusiastically sold the LRA (and the HRA and Croke Park Agreement before it).  In fact they were, and are, one of the most enthusiastic advocates of these agreements.

That the INTO leadership should refer to this miserable partial restoration of money taken from us as an ‘uplift’ is pathetic.  That the DES should even have the gall to refer to it as an ‘increase’ displays their contempt for us.

Perhaps we need a new strategy.  Perhaps we need a new direction in leadership.

(For the official INTO response to the issuing of the revised payscales see http://www.into.ie/ROI/NewsEvents/LatestNews/Title,39438,en.php)



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